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Kids Sports Camps and the Underlying Benefits

Kids sports camps are also a great way to help keep children focused and mentally strong.

There are several obvious reasons why you should send your children to kids sports camps such as honing in on athletic skills and learning how to live a healthy lifestyle. However, there are also many other important reasons with underlying benefits as to why you should send your children to summer sports camps.

Camp All-Star’s Amazing Staff

Camp All-Star Staff

We are lucky to employ such nurturing and experienced staff members at Camp All-Star each and every summer.

This summer, with such a large percentage of returning staff, might just be the best group of coaches and counselors we have ever had. We know that offering 30 sports is important to you as well as having awesome facilities, such as the 200,000 sq. ft. turf fields and the $10 million Alfond Athletic Center. However, the staff is what makes each camper’s summer experience the greatest!

SSAT Test Prep at Camp All-Star

All-Star Academics program

If applying to and getting accepted at private school this coming fall is on your agenda, then the process needs to starts now. Early spring is the best time to begin working on the application itself and perhaps the additional paperwork that accompanies it, such as the parent and student statements. It's also a good time to begin studying for an entrance exam like the SSAT, which is required to take be considered at most of the nation's top private schools. Here are three sound strategies to get you started for SSAT prep.

The Final Four and Its Positive Lessons for Children

Camp All-Star Logo

With March Madness winding down, the excitement of these last few games are in full swing! This year’s brackets were surprisingly taken over by teams that many considered the “underdogs”. With the Florida Gators being the only number one seed in the Final Four, this just goes to show athletes and sports fans of all ages that perseverance pays off with the other teams being ranked #2, #7 and #8.

Golf Camp for Kids is a Great Summer Experience

Camp All-Star Golf

With the coveted Master’s Golf Tournament just weeks away, golfers are getting the urge to hit the links. Plus, the nicer spring weather is upon us! Golf is a game for life with players of all ages. If your son or daughter is a regular on the course, attending our All-Star Golf Academy, will help take their game to the next level.

Countdown to Summer…

Summer Sleepaway Camp

By Colin Hutzler, Head Boys Counselor,
Camp All-Star

We all remember it. The agonizing anticipation as the second hand ever-so-slowly ticked one tock at a time. 57, 58, 59... freedom. The end of another school year, and the beginning of what was sure to be the best summer yet. For many students, it is hard to find the words to adequately describe the occasion. Elation? Relief? Excitement? And maybe, just maybe, a bit of trepidation to be stepping away from a comfortable, formal learning environment that opens doors for countless productive, positive futures.

The Wonderful World of Lacrosse Camp

Lacrosse at Camp All-StarIn a day and age where more and more children resort to indoor fun, rather than the outdoor games that their parents may have frequented as children, organized sport camps have never been more important. This shift from outdoor to indoor play means less neighborhood kids playing ball in the street.

It also means that children are not getting the exercise they desperately need and are becoming obese as a result of it. In a short excerpt from education.com: Today’s generation of children is fighting the worst obesity epidemic in history. Giving kids an excuse to exercise is reason enough to consider team sports. But calories aside, team sports have other benefits to kids—social, emotional and physical ones.

The benefit of sports camps extends beyond getting kids to get off their couches and outdoors again. The sheer selection of sports they have to choose from provides them with opportunities to discover and fall in love with sports they otherwise would never have tried, such as lacrosse. Lacrosse is one of the most underestimated sports in the country. Not only does lacrosse teach kids about the importance of being able to work on a team, but almost no other sport can rival it in terms of the amount of both finesse it requires, as well as physicality - a mixture of ballet and hockey would be the perfect way to describe it.

If more parents sent their children to go to general sports camps where one can try lacrosse, among many other sports in top-notch facilities, the youth of America will return to their roots as the physical and active beings humans were evolved to be! Get out on that lacrosse field during the summer months to perfect skills and stay fit. No reason to sit at home playing video games or sitting on Facebook all day. Go to summer sports camp!

If you would like to know more about some of the sports we have to offer or would want to explore our lacrosse camp, feel free to check us out.


Camp All Star: Prepare For the Future

Camp All Star will help build on all key elements needed to perform well in sports, as well as life itself.

In a recent interview with Peyton Manning, Dan Patrick asked the future Hall of Famer, "Can you have too much time to prepare?" His answer was, "No, especially for an opponent you don't know that well." Manning was referring to the Seattle Seahawks. This is sound advice, not only because it's coming from Manning, but because of what Patrick expressed the next day on his broadcast. The people who work with Peyton that they've never seen Manning so relaxed with the media.

Kobe Bryant and Bill Clinton Discuss Kids and Sports

Kids Sports Summer Camp

As part of the 3rd annual Clinton Health Matters Conference, President Bill Clinton and NBA All-Star and Olympic Gold Medalist Kobe Bryant headlined a town hall discussion on the topic of "Kids and Sports" on January 13th in La Quinta, California.

30 Sports Offered at Summer Camp in Maine

tennis camp all star

There are an estimated 40 million American children who participate in organized sports today. Research shows that children who participate in sports do better academically and are less likely to experiment with drugs. At Camp All-Star, each day is filled with activities that support strong, fit bodies and a healthy lifestyle. Playing sports reinforces fundamental values. At camp, we encourage and reward courage, honesty, compassion, leadership, self-discipline, reliability, and kindness.

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