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Choosing the Right Equipment for Youth Lacrosse


The sport of lacrosse is becoming more and more popular with each passing year in the United States. Children across the country are learning the concept of the game and having a great time playing the sport. As a result, there is an increasing number of youth lacrosse camps offered over the summer months for children to tweak their skills. With the long summer vacation coming up, parents and children are out looking for the best lacrosse equipment available. The search logically begins with the most fundamental piece of equipment for the game – the lacrosse stick.

Choosing the Right Youth Baseball Equipment

Camp All-Star Baseball Camp

Baseball has long held the distinction of being America’s pastime, and part of the reason for that is because so many Americans spent their childhoods watching and playing the game. 
Baseball is a great sport for kids to get involved in because it affords them the opportunity to be active, develop a team attitude, learn sportsmanship, and to hone their baseball and general athletic skills. Youth baseball camps are one of the most popular ways for kids to get involved in playing the game in a structured environment.

With summer just around the corner, parents and kids are going to be out in droves looking to purchase the proper baseball equipment for their summer activities. Doing so, however, requires keeping some basic things in mind such as proper fit and safety.

Choosing the Right Skates for Youth Ice Hockey

Camp All-Star Hockey

As summer vacation approaches, families across the country are looking to enroll their children in one of the multitude of themed summer camps being offered. Sports camps in general have become a veritable institution in America, and ice hockey in particular has proven to be one of the most popular camps no matter what part of the country it is in. With every enrollment in a youth summer ice hockey camp, comes the task of choosing a pair of skates that are going to be durable, that are going to offer the support and comfort necessary for the game, and that kids are going to feel good about wearing.

Mental Toughness at Summer Sports Camp

Camp All-Star SoccerSummer after summer, year after year, campers say goodbye to family and friends and welcome in a new home and lifestyle. This change of scenery, pace, and location offer an invaluable opportunity to learn from others and about themselves. Close relationships are quickly formed, and these bonds have proven to stand the test of time. Their new companions share every aspect of camp life. They live together, eat together, train together, and grow together. The camaraderie is palpable, and seems to happen overnight. 

The counselors and coaches at Camp All-Star help make this possible by creating a comfortable, safe environment in which the athletes work hard, make mistakes, and progress as individuals, while maintaining a team mentality. The schedule at All-Star allows for cross training from the  basketball court and soccer field to the  weight room and hockey rink, and all places in between, helping avoid muscle overuse and abuse, promoting the entire athlete. Coaches offer pre-breakfast runs and workouts and pre-bedtime ab routines that perfectly supplement the training on the fields. 

Equally as important, however, is the ability of the staff to promote mental toughness, resilience, and preparation through regular coaching points and more formal after-dinner life lessons. While there is certainly no substitute for the daily physical rigor, no one overlooks the impact of a strong psyche. 

The ability to overcome obstacles on the playing field is greatly transferable to the classroom and daily routine away from camp. This grit allows athletes to accept and move beyond momentary failures, unlocking their innate ability to fine tune their approach and maximize potential. 

The staff at Camp All-Star understands and celebrates a holistic approach to every camper's development in an effort to maximize sustainable success on and off the fields, even after the summer months end.

Three Tips When Choosing the Right Basketball Summer Camp

Camp All-Star Basketball

Summer is fast approaching. Why not encourage your kids to learn a new sport and at the same time have fun this summer? For parents, a good and popular choice would be basketball summer camps.

Four Things to Consider When Choosing a Camp

Camp All-Star Volleyball

Self-confidence is one of the best tools a child can have to meet the challenges of today's society where they are constantly bombarded with peer pressure and body image. Children who feel good about themselves are better at resisting negative pressures and handling conflict, and they are generally more realistic and optimistic than children who do not have the same level of self-esteem. One of the best ways to learn that self-confidence is through summer camps for kids, where they can try new activities and meet new people with similar interests in a non-threatening, encouraging environment. If your child is interested in attending a summer camp, here are some things to consider when choosing the right program:

Camp All-Star Recognizes National Physical Fitness and Sports Month

Physical Fitness at Camp All-Star

According to the President's Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition " only one in three children are physically active every day" and that is why Camp All-Star  recognizes the importance of National Physical Fitness and Sports Month coming up in May – just in time for summer sports camp!

Kids Sports Camps and the Underlying Benefits

Kids sports camps are also a great way to help keep children focused and mentally strong.

There are several obvious reasons why you should send your children to kids sports camps such as honing in on athletic skills and learning how to live a healthy lifestyle. However, there are also many other important reasons with underlying benefits as to why you should send your children to summer sports camps.

Camp All-Star’s Amazing Staff

Camp All-Star Staff

We are lucky to employ such nurturing and experienced staff members at Camp All-Star each and every summer.

This summer, with such a large percentage of returning staff, might just be the best group of coaches and counselors we have ever had. We know that offering 30 sports is important to you as well as having awesome facilities, such as the 200,000 sq. ft. turf fields and the $10 million Alfond Athletic Center. However, the staff is what makes each camper’s summer experience the greatest!

SSAT Test Prep at Camp All-Star

All-Star Academics program

If applying to and getting accepted at private school this coming fall is on your agenda, then the process needs to starts now. Early spring is the best time to begin working on the application itself and perhaps the additional paperwork that accompanies it, such as the parent and student statements. It's also a good time to begin studying for an entrance exam like the SSAT, which is required to take be considered at most of the nation's top private schools. Here are three sound strategies to get you started for SSAT prep.

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